Even though we're still not in August, I'm making She & Him's debut album, Volume One, Album of the Month.

What an unexpected surprise this album turned out to be. I've been playing it almost non-stop after getting it and it just keeps getting better and better each time I put it on. Volume One is the brainchild and side-project of actress Zooey Deschanel and musician M. Ward. The end result is so good that the volumes could keep on coming one after the other that I will be buying them all! That speaks volumes about their joint talents (sorry about the tacky word games there but I couldn't resist...).

Deschanel has a lovely voice and she sounds very natural, as if she's been singing for a living all her life. Or maybe she's such a great actress that she could trick us all into believing that she's a great singer as well! Jokes apart, she certainly delivers and there is not a single song on this album that I don't like and that hasn't happened in a long time for me. The debut single is called Why Do You Let Me Stay Here and you can see the lovely video below but the one song that really grabbed me by the throat and twisted me around was their rendition of You Really Got A Hold On Me that you can listen to right here - just press "play" and enjoy.

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