Her most beautiful album ever and a testament to her enduring popularity and charm, Françoise Hardy's La Question marked the end of an era in her career and also a magnificent collaboration with a key element in the creation of this pop masterpiece: brazilian female singer and musician, Tuca.

Tuca was the driving force behind this record and co-wrote most of the songs with Hardy and other musicians. And what a record this is. From beginning to end, it envelops you in such a relaxed mood with the strangest chord progressions you'll likely to hear in a long time. At times, you feel as if you're listening to a strange mix of bossa nova with chanson française, which is exactly what this is, hence its peculiarity.

Ever since receiving this little wonder on the mail yesterday, I just couldn't stop listening to it. Every song a small masterpiece of breathy vocals and deeply felt lyrics which have always been Hardy's trademark. I wish she could have collaborated more with Tuca. The possibilities were endless, at least judging from this incredible track here below: Chanson D'O.

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