I still don't know much about this somewhat mythical and sonically adventurous chanteuse, except for the fact that she was born in 1939 and is still going strong and shocking people left and right. My kinda gal, then.

This is one of her first albums (it's curiously titled Brigitte Fontaine est... folle) and it's a treasure trove of quirky pop songs (for lack of a better definition) sung in a very laid-back somewhat out-of-tune style that seems to be her trademark. When asked, music critics have said that she is kind of like a Françoise Hardy on acid or what Piaf might have sounded like if she worked with late 60´s Gainsbourg but these definitions, though amusing as they are, don't come close to painting a proper portrait of this groundbreaking woman.

The album was produced by none other that Jean-Claude Vannier of L'Histoire de Melody Nelson fame and you can expect to find beautifully crafted pieces of music in every track. It's almost like opening a jewel box and finding all these wonderful pieces of jewelry that you'd love to put on you and wear them everyday. And since it is pouring rain over here, I leave you accordingly with Il Pleut, the album opener. Stay safe.

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