This post was inspired by my grandmother. She is, to my knowledge, the greatest Gigliola Cinquetti fan I know of. I knew I had to delve further into this. She remembers to this day the first time she saw her at the Eurovision song contest when she won first prize with her worldwide hit Non Ho L'Età (Too Young To Love was the english title). After hearing it on the player below, you too will remember it forever. It's a lovely tune. Simple, unaffected, sincere, a song for the ages. A timeless classic, no less. She was barely sixteen at the time, but she truly sounded mature enough to carry such an emotionally charged song. Everyone thought that too and that's why she won and went on to achieve hit after hit on an international career that spanned through decades.

If you buy any of her compilations, please be sure you are getting the original versions, as she re-recorded some of her hits later on and these do not sound the same as the originals. The one you see on the left is a Best Of LP that came out in Portugal in 1974. Being portuguese and born on that pivotal year, I found it to be perfectly appropriate for this particular post.

And here she is again, with her hit song: Gigliola Cinquetti! A round of applause!

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