Another soundtrack that I personally think is worthy of your complete attention, especially if you're into the sort of music I've been recommending in the last few posts, is the one for Brian De Palma's glam rock fantasy meets Goethe's Faust, Phantom of the Paradise.

The music, composed by Paul Williams who also plays a quite faustian part in the movie, moves from 50's beach pop, to glitzy glam, to mainstream pop in the course of the film's duration. It's quite the ride and it really helps the storytelling, which is another way of saying that this is one of the best rock musicals to be found anywhere. Fans of the Rocky Horror Picture Show should really get to know this lesser-known but nonetheless great little movie as I'm sure they'll love it just as well.

But let's let the music do the talking. Listen to Old Souls, a wonderful ballad sung by the main female character played by talented actress Jessica Harper. Love her voice, too.

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