Apparently, Jobriath wrote or was writing a musical called Pop Star at the time of his death and only God knows how great that would have been had he finished it. I don't know if John Cameron Mitchell knew about this or not but Hedwig and the Angry Inch I guess could pass as that unfinished musical. At least in my mind, anyway.

Again, Glam Rock scene in all its glitzy glory, lots of funky clothes, great, great songs from beginning to end and a must-have soundtrack for any discerning music fan. Mitchell also plays the main part and he does it memorably, infusing his performance and the delivery of every song with such emotion and passion, it becomes a sort of cathartic experience not only for him I'm sure, but for the viewer as well.

"Transexuality gone wrong" never seemed so glamorous and heart-breaking at the same time and you can't help sympathizing with the main character even if you try. Its most poignant moment, though is this: Wicked Little Town.

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