Inspired by Klaus Nomi I decided to go all out on the glam rock scene on this post and a few further ones that I've got planned for you.

I first got introduced to this particular genre of music when I saw the glitzy and marvelous Velvet Goldmine when it came out. Directed by one of the few true artists working in the business right now - Todd Haynes - it managed to perfectly convey the magic and the very particular brand of audacity of the Glam Rock bands of the time.

Unbeknownst to me until very recently, one of its major inspirations was Jobriath and if you've seen the movie, you can spot a similar album cover to the one on your left when a character goes to buy it at the record store and takes it home to listen to it in the comfort and privacy of his bedroom. Now that I've got it and have listened to it (Jobriath's debut album, that is), I can see and understand why he's worthy of being resurrected and given such a big spotlight: it's a great little album all around.

His life and career was meteoric (much like his music, too) and his flame burned bright and sadly, much too fast. Being the first openly gay singer/songwriter didn't help either. Or maybe it did, when all was said and done. But enough chatter - let's listen to Space Clown, one of the highlights of the album. Take care.

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