The album that first introduced me to the wonderful Harry Nilsson. With a home made-like charm and sound, it captured my ears and imagination right away.

Harry Nilsson is an anomally in the music world. Never toured and from what I understand never sang in public apart from TV apparitions. HARRY is the third album he recorded for RCA and it possesses a kind of aura that you find in some albums by Randy Newman. It's not a coincidence that his next album was exactly that: a collection of Newman's songs.

It's Americana all the way and Tin Pan Alley is never far behind some of the tracks. Very mellow, very acoustic, very cosy. And Nilsson's voice is always a pleasure to listen to. Besides, he possessed a melodic gift to rival McCartney's or Lennon's (which he was a close friend of). Needless to say, I went on to discover all his other albums, each and every one an aural pleasure in its own right. Listen to Puppy Song, the album opener.

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