A true heir to the kind of magical folk music I mentioned in the post below, Josephine Foster's HAZEL EYES I WILL LEAD YOU is an album that doesn't sound (or look, as you can see by the record cover on your right) that was made in 2005. Quite remarkable. She sings in a voice not of this time and plays instruments in a way as if someone much older and wiser has taught her, almost as she bypassed today's music writing altogether. Truly magical.

This is the kind of artist I don't want to know a lot about, prefering them to be as mysterious and enigmatic as they once were in a time without the internet. But I just couldn't help myself from checking out her wikipedia entry and I'm glad now I did because, as it happens, she used to sing at funerals and weddings as an adolescent and had aspirations to become an opera singer. Well, that's all I needed to know to make her even more fascinating to me. Listen to the title track, Hazel Eyes, I Will Lead You.

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