A very recent discovery that I did while looking for some french ye-ye albums that I still hadn't heard. Canada's Margo Guryan's TAKE A PICTURE was her only official output (seems I have a thing for artists that only put out one or two albums in their recording careers) and it's a beauty. It's the kind of record you put on those lazy Sunday mornings and let it wash over you with all its unabashed sunshine glory. If you like breezy songs, charmingly arranged and with that extra retro pop sound to it, this is the perfect record for you.

At times it almost feels like you're listening to a lost Claudine Longet album because Guryan's vocals are strikingly similar to Longet's in that breathy, whispering way we've grown so familiar with. It really is 60's french pop sung in english. Apparently, Guryan didn't care too much about pop songs (she is classically trained) but after hearing The Beach Boy's wondrous GOD ONLY KNOWS included in their legendary PET SOUNDS album, she never looked back. Can't really blame her, can you? While you're still here, have a listen to Sunday Morning.

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