Well, I've already managed to get my hands on that Charlotte Gainsbourg album I mentioned below and before I do a whole post dedicated to its (many) charms, I decided to write about a particular record that's been doing the rounds of both my home and car background music for quite awhile now: Goldfrapp's SEVENTH TREE.

Released just last year, it has become one of my most listened records of late. Being a fan of their other albums, each a winner in its own right, I was astonished at how far they managed to change their sound and musical approaches with this one. Straying away from the electronica sound they managed to master with ease in their previous two records, the sounds on SEVENTH TREE are in turns pastoral, acoustic, melodic, trippy and summer-like. It's their most distinctive album to date and it's so richly textured and arranged that it'll keep you listening to it over and over again just to unravel its many rich layers.

I wonder where they'll go from here but I'm certain it will be just as exciting a track as the one that lead them to SEVENTH TREE. By the way, if you're wondering where they got the name for the album, well, it came in a dream to Alison Goldfrapp: she saw a big tree with the number 7 on it. Listen to their album opener: Clowns.

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