Saw her staring at me today in a music store and couldn't help bringing her back home with me. God, I missed this girl and I didn't even know it. GIVE ME THAT SLOW KNOWING SMILE is the new album by Lisa Ekdahl and it's like drinking a hot capuccino late in the day sitting in a porch overlooking a deserted beach in April. Nice. Which is what I will try to do everytime I listen to this wonderful little album. Except I will try and listen to it all year round and not just in April, of course...

She sings in english this time around (she has already made quite a few albums in her native tongue, swedish), and some songs recall former successes of the "...SINGS SALVADORE POE" album. That particular album was responsible for her international breakthrough and the one that introduced most of us to that child-like voice and simple phrasing that are all her own. Glad to see she's back on the right track, again. I really missed her all these years. Listen to the title track:

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