In my view, the best example of New Folk you can find. Following traditions but subversively changing them whilst aurally delighting the listener at the same time, A GARLAND OF SONG, the debut album of The Owl Service combo, is a winner on all fronts.

Released just last year, it has made fans of whoever listens to them. And it's not hard to see why that happens: the songs are all exquisitely arranged and beautifully composed and sung (both by male and female voices). At times, you forget that you're listening to a contemporary record because the blood that runs through this particular sonic vein is anything but new. However, you do sense a particular indie trait here and there that only adds up to its pastoral charm. I'm very curious to see where they will go from here and apparently they have already recorded and E.P. of sorts with Alison O'Donnell, one of the vocalists from Mellow Candle, so I guess they're on the right track, wouldn't you think so too? Listen to Turpin Hero.

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