I will get to that Charlotte Gainsbourg album in a day or two but before I do that, let me just take a minute to talk about an album that I pulled off my shelves today.

POCKET SYMPHONY is the last album officially released by Air and it's a treat. I've been following their career and musical output somewhat closely and this particular album is my favorite alongside their extremely successful MOON SAFARI. The soothing melodies are omnipresent and the fake 70's Francis Lai/Pierre Bachelet/Cerrone sound is here and more convinving than ever. The knack for melodic balladry, so intrinsyc to their music, is also on clear display here. However, there are some suprises: Jarvis Cocker and Neil Hannon sing one song each with lyrics written also by them and the koto and the shamisen, two japanese instruments, are new additions to the sonic tapestry of the record. The results are both exotic and exhilarating. It all starts with Once Upon A Time:

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